Grass Fed Farmer's Box

Grass Fed Farmer's Box

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You get the works with the Farmer's Box… a true steak-lovers dream. This 100% grass fed and finished beef is sourced from a sustainable, organically managed, USDA inspected family farm in central Pennsylvania.

(2) Sirlioin Steaks 6-8 oz
(2) Strip Steaks 10-12 oz
(2) Delmonico Steaks 10-12 oz
(2) Filets 5 oz
(2) Flank Steaks
(2) Skirt Steaks
(2) Beef Cutlets 6-8 oz
(1 lb) Filet Tips
(2 lbs) Ground Beef

*Orders for this box must be placed by Wednesday to pick up the following Tuesday, or Monday to pick up Thursday. 

Comes frozen.